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Top Ten Reasons To Be A Tax Attorney

10. Deductions! Deductions! Deductions!

9. The Bible?  Yawn.  We have “THE CODE”!

8a. New TV series – Law & Order:  Tax Audit Unit.  New TV sitcom – Tax and the City.

8b. Frequent character portrayal on TV, e.g., Norm on “Cheers”, Stuart Markowitz on “LA Law” and, well, others too numerous to list.

7. Like Charles Grodin and Bob Newhart, next career stop is show business.

6a. Listed at the top of the “t_x” family of professions:  tax, taxi driver, taxidermist, Texas Ranger, toxologist, tuxedo salesman.

6b. Esteemed, respected profession. Flattering stereotype and never the brunt of jokes.

5. Integral part of the business advisory team that make companies like Enron a household name.

4a. Our own holiday:  April 16th – The “Day After Income Tax Day” Day.

4b. Unlimited, free blank tax forms – not only federal, but state & local too!

3. “Tax” only differs from “sex” by 2 letters.

2a. Like death, taxes are the only thing that is certain.

2b. Can respond to any “Why?” question with the answer, “Because there are tax reasons.”

1a. Who wouldn’t want to be?!

1b. Because we are some Wild & Crazy Guys!